Neo-Gra Review: Great Impotence Product from a Decade-Old Company


Brand: Neo-gra 

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Neopharm

Country of Manufacture: Georgia

Neo-Gra Package Image

Review and Description

Neo-Gra is a type of Viagra thus used for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. It is chemically produced by a Georgian based pharmaceutical firm known as Neopharm. The manufacturing company has been in existent for a decade since its inception in 2007. It is said to produce over two hundred products from its fifty branches across Georgia. These solutions are meant to have therapeutic properties in various sectors such as pain and flue management, suppression of allergic reactions as well as fever control. Its contribution to the cosmetic industry and nutritional supplements cannot go unnoticed as its skilled team toil to develop customer-tailored solutions. In addition to the quality products that emanate from its gifted minds affordability of its products is the other pillar that makes it irresistible. Apart from its productions it also collaborates with like-minded firms to achieve and surpass the expectations of its customers both at the local and international levels.

Neo-gra can be found in quantities of 50 Mg and 100 Mg capsules. Each containing Lactose, Maize starch, Magnesium or calcium Stearate and Sildenafil citrate which is the largest proponent. It can also be spotted as an oral gel of 100 Mg sachet meant for those who have unsettled issues with swallowing tablets. Besides its pharmacological indication for the treatment of impotence, it is also known to have a grip on the reduction of pulmonary hypertension which affects both men and women. However, it can only be consumed by male patients. The remedy works by fostering the flexion of the soft penile muscles as an essential function of increasing the blood flowing into the erectile tissues. Once the circulation is made to be as efficient as possible a physical trigger on sexual stimulation is all that is left to ensure that an ED patient can enjoy a hard and typically lasting erection. The drug’s efficacy fully exercised once it is consumed in an hour’s time prior to the sexual indulgence.

Customer Reviews

Viagra is the leading ED solution in the world, and it has been in existence for decades. It goes without saying that the product enjoys a variety of excellent comments from its users. Some of the places where you can find such compliments are ( which is a pharmaceutical site in the supply of prescription and over the counter medications.

One of the clients by the abbreviations JC posted his comment all the way from Ireland admitting that Viagra ` works no better with a higher dose than a lower one.’ His confession continues by saying that he experiences headaches with higher doses. But where did his experience with the impotence begin? It all started a year ago where his ‘libido fell, ‘ and he started having difficulties in maintaining an erection. His troubles came to a halt when he gave Viagra a try. JC has been a happy man ever since because he regained his abilities to perform in bed.

Peter Lonnie from the United States is a loyal customer to Viagra since 2001, and he still harbors the same cling going forward stating that he wouldnt change it with any other pill the reason he gives is that it works

Peter Lonnie from the United States is a loyal customer to Viagra since 2001, and he still harbors the same cling going forward stating that he `wouldn’t change it with any other pill’ the reason he gives is that `it works.’

James from Austria has given his spouse a chance to review the product since she is a beneficiary of its deeds. She acknowledges that her fifty-two-years old husband had diabetes for twenty-four years which has affected his sexual performance prior his doctors take on a 50 Mg Viagra. To sum it up she only says that their `love life has never been better’ as they `can go for hours’ in the process.

Pricing and Dosage

Neo-gra is packaged in an average quantity of 50 Mg and 100 Mg on the extreme level. It is sold in various drugstores across the planet among them is ( The cost of 100 Mg tablet in a pile of ten (10) is $ 47.95. This tag means that one requires $ 4.80 to buy the tablet. The same price is almost divided into two when one purchases thirty (30) tablets since one is sold at $ 2.36.

Neo-gra is reasonably priced compared to another brand Viagra(s) from various firms since their prices can go up to $ 9

Neo-gra is reasonably priced compared to another brand Viagra(s) from various firms since their prices can go up to $ 9.00 per pill without a significant therapeutic outcome from the rest.

How to Buy Neo-Gra Online

I can tell that you have heard of the efficacy of the drug and its favored status and I might have been your final push to giving it a chance. You can go ahead and click the links below to get the elixir

The two pharmacies are good at keeping their end of the deal by delivering the potion to your doorstep at the lowest shipping charges. These transportation costs range between $ (9.50 to 10.00) for the standard airmail and $ (19.95 to 20.00) for the EMS.

How to Use

Neo-gra is to be consumed once in twenty-four hours with a glass of water by males above the age of eighteen. It should never be mixed with alcoholic beverages, grapefruits or fatty foods as they all work against its potency. These interactions can lead to a slow onset or an increase in the adverse effects. Increasing its efficacy, on the other hand, is not a rocket-science as all you need to do it to consume it an hour before the sexual engagement.

Side Effects

Viagra is associated with headaches, face flushing, runny or stuffy nose and a bloody nose, lightheadedness, diarrhea and muscle aches which go away after a short while. Albeit prolonged erections, hearing difficulties and visual problems can lead to permanent damages if not rushed to the hospital on immediacy. As they are its rare and severe side effects.

Conclusion with Rating

Neo-gra is an ED remedy constituting of Sildenafil citrate as the active ingredient and a creation of Neopharm in Georgia. It has been greatly reviewed by its users over the internet other than being associated with a decade old manufacturer. I accord it a 4-star rating on a scale of 5 stars. Nevertheless, you should not consume it minus a viable chat with your medical consultant.