Online Pills Review – A Licensed Pharmacy Network with the Best Catalog

Out of the thousands of drug stores available on the web, very few are licensed. Online Pills is licensed. This sets it apart from all those illegitimate pharmacies available on the web. Note that Online Pills is not just a normal online pharmacy on the internet. It is a network formed by various pharmacy sites present on the web. These sites have no differences. They have the same medications in their catalog and they have exactly the same design. They will have the same contact details and the information on all their sites is the same. The Online Pills drugstore network websites will look like the one captured above.

A huge title placed at the top indicates that Online Pills pharmacy network is based in Canada. This means that if it has received approval from the top pharmacy regulatory bodies in Canada we can consider it to be safe. We checked and found that the Canadian Pharmacy Limited which runs Online Pills pharmacy network has already managed to get approval from CIPA and MIPA. This indicates that you will be getting genuine meds and high-quality services from Online Pills pharmacy network. CIPA and MIPA investigate a pharmacy carefully before approving it.

A large number of fake sites which have the above design on them makes life harder for people who buy their meds online. People have fallen prey to the scammers who own the duplicate spam sites only when they used unproven domain addresses to load the sites. The best way to stay away from the scammers is to avoid domain addresses that you find randomly. If you use only addresses which have been determined to lead to genuine Online Pills sites, you will be safe.

Online Pills Reviews

We decided to look and see the kinds of services Online Pills offers. We could not find a better way to judge a pharmacy’s functioning capabilities than checking its reviews. We loved the fact that all the reviews present for this pharmacy network were overly positive. The buyers were indicating how happy they were after having received genuine meds on time and paying very little for them. We captured some of their reviews here to ensure that you found them more easily.

Online Pills Customer Comments

The speed of delivery determines how much trust people can place in an online pharmacy. Andy from Ireland states that Online Pills is a pharmacy network that offers quick and fast delivery. After going through consumer comments for Online Pills pharmacy network, Erica from Germany decided to give the drugstore network a try. She ordered meds. She found that just like the people had indicated in their reviews, the pharmacy network is both cheap and it has good quality meds.

Online Pills drugstore network made Sophia happy enough to make her review it as the first pharmacy. She noticed that all the popular meds were available in the pharmacy network. This made it impossible for anyone to miss his or her meds. The pharmacy network made it possible for her to afford her hypertension meds which were unaffordable in the local pharmacies.

Online Pills Online

There is no one who cannot get the meds that he or she needs at Online Pills. The pharmacy has a wide range of meds which treat different health conditions. They have meds which can be used to treat erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure or hypertension, depression, they have antibiotics, they have sleep aid, weight loss meds, skin care meds and more. The only drugs you will not find on the pharmacy sites are drugs which may cause addition or what can be referred to as narcotics.

The meds are usually very cheap on all the Online Pills pharmacy sites. To serve as proof, you can check the following prices for some of the meds:

  • Kamagra: $0.9
  • Cipro: $0.22
  • Female Viagra: $0.68
  • Lasix: $0.25
  • Zoloft: $0.28

Shipping your meds will only take 14 to 21 days. During this shipping period, you will not be left in the dark wondering whether your meds will ever arrive or they got lost. The Online Pills pharmacy network will keep giving you constant updates until you receive your meds.

Online Pills Coupon Codes

It might seem like there is no way to save on your meds when you find that no coupon codes are available online for Online Pills. However, this is not true. The pharmacy network has huge offers. The most apparent saving chance is the low prices they sell their meds. To be clear here, all meds are over 90% cheaper in the Online Pills pharmacy network than in local stores. Other offers are as indicated below:

Online Pills Discounts

All buyers are offered free bonus pills. You have to choose between Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. As long as you are paying more than 200 dollars for your meds, you will receive a 10% discount and also save the shipping charges.

Online Pills Phone Numbers

The pharmacy network has two numbers that you can use to call regardless of where you will be calling from in the world. These numbers are +4420 3239 7092 and +1 718 487 9792. For people who feel like communicating via the email works better, you can send an email by using a contact form you find on the Contact Page.

Online Pills Spam and Phone Calls

There are no people on the web who filed reports claiming that they received either spam calls from Online Pills or they got spam emails. Therefore, you should be confident when shopping for your meds at any of the Online Pills pharmacies.


Online Pills is a pharmacy network that has managed to stay away from all the shady operations that other online pharmacies engage themselves in order to try and gain popularity and more buyers. They never spam their customers. The drugstore network has built itself a name by delivering real meds which work perfectly just like their consumers would expect. It is for these reasons we rate the drugstore network 5 stars.