Oragawell Review: Egyptian Brand with Null Reviews

Oragawell Review

Brand: Oragawell

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Medizen Pharmaceutical

Country of Manufacture: Egypt

Oragawell Package Image

Review and Description

Oragawell is an impotence remedy courtesy of Medizen manufacturing plant in Alexandria, 200km from the capital of Egypt. The state-of-the-art firm was established in 2007. Its machinery and professional team of made it possible for it to influence the local and international market in 2008. Its ultimate goal is to preserve and advance the quality of human life through effective medications. The firm also provides veterinary solutions in addition to human therapies. It makes arrangements for several pharmaceutical companies offering toll-manufacturing services for over 100 pharma commodities. Its prescriptions cut across a spectrum of ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, skin infections, gastro intestinal disorders among others. The private institute in the land of pyramids is best described by the phrase `fast-growing’ company with staff profile reading below (200) employees and a Facebook following of (586).

The generic version of Viagra is presented in a pack of six film-coated tablets. Each pill is containing different strengths of Sildenafil citrate as the (active ingredient). The average tablet contains 50mg of the main chemical constituent while the minimum and the maximum pills have 25mg and 100mg respectively. The prescription is indicated for Erectile Dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension. It affects this through catalyzing the relaxation of the muscles at the lining of the blood vessels. Thus, increasing the blood flow to various tissues in the body such as the penile tissue. It has an activation time between (30-60) minutes and should be consumed at this opening window to increase its efficacy. It is wise to know that the regular sexual stimulation process should be induced to generate an erection for ED patients.

Customer Reviews

Customer remarks are paramount in testifying the potency of a given medication. Furthermore, it is critical to hear from the direct consumer in this era where we have a lot of counterfeit generics in the market. We would have liked to sample a few testimonials on Oragawell, but the dearth of them from the internet made it impossible to do so. It is unlikely to find an impotence without user feedbacks since they are the number one reviewed medications on the web. Although this recipe comes from an Egyptian pharmaceutical firm that has been in existence for a decade; it is hard to be convinced that it is as effective as its alternatives such as Kamagra, Suhagra, Fildena with the same active ingredient. The source is also known for its excellent production of over a hundred products in the treatment of various ailments. However, the user comments regarding the drug are paramount to minimize the risk of throwing money to the dogs.

Pricing and Dosage

Oragawell is an Egyptian formula for brand Viagra which is packaged in 25mg,50mg or 100mg tablets. It can be found in various pharmacies particularly those that are a stone throw away from its home grounds. A golden example of its availability is (Yaoota.com). The e-store sells a pair at 10.5 Egyptian pound which is equivalent to $ 0.595.

The pricing is relatively small compared to that of a Viagra tab which is ten times that of the Oragawell dual

The pricing is relatively small compared to that of a Viagra tab which is ten times that of the Oragawell dual. It is a matter of concern the reason as to why therapeutic twins can differ with such a huge price margin.

How to Buy Oragawell Online

Oragawell is not readily accessible to the majority of the population that reside from different parts of the world apart from Egypt. This occurrence can be illustrated by its rareness on the internet. If you are audacious to find an excellent generic version of Viagra at an affordable price, then you will be willing to try Fildena. The medicine goes for an average price of $ 1.55 per pill and can be located in several web stores and among them PharmacyMall and Canadapharmacy24h. Better still the transportation charges for regular orders range from $ (10.00-20.00). To increase fully utilize the saving opportunity from your purchase, make an order that amounts to $ 200 to enjoy free shipping worldwide.

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How to Use

Oragawell tablet should be taken once daily with a glass of water where a pill is allowed to last for a minimum of 24hours. One should stringently follow the instructions given by the medical physician pertaining its dosage. To optimize its efficiency, Oragawell should be taken not less than half an hour and not more than an hour before the planned sexual intimacy with adherence to the standard stimulation procedure. Alcoholic drinks and fatty meals are meant to affect its potency and therefore should be shunned during the course of the treatment.

Side Effects

The unwanted responses that one may experience after the consumption of Oragawell are dizziness, flushing, stomach upset, back and muscle aches marking an end to the mild side effects whose persistence calls for medical assistance. The adverse symptoms that urgently needs the attention of a medic are shortness of breath, hearing problems, convulsions, lightheadedness and the swelling of the hands and feet.

Conclusion with Rating

Oragawell comes from the able hands of a world-class manufacturing company in Egypt by the name of Medizen. One that has been actively involved in the production of over a hundred products under toll-manufacturing arrangements for various firms. It has also come up with diverse solutions for veterinary and human use in a myriad of therapeutic fields. This particular product lacks user feedbacks despite having a similar therapeutic potential to that of brand Viagra. Additionally, its accessibility on the virtual drugstores is rare compared to that of its substitutes such as Fildena. Making it attract 2-star rating out of five for it is difficult to ascertain its efficacy. Keep out of children’s reach and consult a qualified doctor before consumption.