TexasChemist Review: A Network of Online Pharmacies with Positive Customer Reviews

Texas Chemist is a network of affiliate pharmacies that delivers affordable erectile dysfunction medicines in the US. It offers fast delivery, increasing discounts on reorders, ED trial packs that allow customers to save more, and 100 % satisfaction guarantee. This network of e-stores only serves customers that are living in the US and delivers within the US area only.

A network of online pharmacies means different online pharmacies operating under one name. These online stores might have different domain names or website name but they offer the same products, they offer it at the same price, and they have the same promotions and discounts offered to their customers. Most of the time, a network of online pharmacy also has the same web design to make easier for their customers to identify a network online pharmacy. Texas Chemist offers generic prescription medicines called erectile dysfunction drugs that are from India. They also offer other medicines such as generic Cytotec, generic Propecia, and generic Lasix.

TexasChemist Reviews

In an experiment, it showed that good customer reviews have the power to turn casual browsing into buying. This might be true because after reading good customer reviews, you can eventually feel the urge to try it yourself and prove it as well. Also, you are enticed by the fact that this particular online store was able to get such good feedback from its users. With good customer reviews, your store is already ahead of the competition and perhaps, Texas Chemist knew this. After reading some of the customer reviews that Texas Chemist, we did feel the urge to try to check out this online pharmacy network as well.

Texas Chemist Customer Reviews
Texas Chemist has plenty of customer reviews and most of them are positive. A review shared by David revealed that he was extremely happy with their service that he is willing to recommend it to his friends. We also found a sincere review from Carlos who also ended up recommending this online pharmacy to his friends because of the excellent service he received.

Another review we found for Texas Chemist was shared by James. According to James, the medicines he received from Texas Chemist was exactly the same medicine he used to buy from their local pharmacy. The only difference was the price but the effect was just the same.

As for Geilert, he was pleased with the timely delivery of this order, just like the review of an anonymous user.

The last review we found was shared by Yukio who stated that his order arrived early – a week ahead of time. Yukio was very satisfied with the service.

These customer reviews were very inviting because as an online buyer, we always to make sure that we will be receiving our orders on time. If Texas Chemist can do it, then there is no more need to look for another online pharmacy.

TexasChemist Online

As a chain of internet drugstores, Texas Chemist is proud to say that they continue to serve their customers with low priced generic medicines. The e-stores associated with this network are offering generic Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis for as low as $2.08 per tablet. A branded ED pill costs around $8 to $20 depending on where you are buying it.

Texas Chemist Bestseller Page

Once an order is submitted, you can still cancel your order within the next 10 hours. Remember that Texas Chemist has next-day delivery hence they only allow 10-hours for you to cancel or change your order. Changes that are allowed by Texas Chemist includes upgrading your order or correcting/changing your delivery address.

According to their FAQ page, all medicines offered by Texas Chemist are as effective as its branded counterparts are. These are Indian FDA certified and has passed the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940.

TexasChemist Coupon Codes

Why would we want coupon codes when ordering online? A coupon code is a sure way to get discount and to save when buying. Texas Chemist does not give any coupon code but they offer different promotions and perks that their customers can take advantage of.

Texas Chemist Deal

One of their offers is increasing discount on reorders (5% of second reorder and 7% on third reorder onwards). They also offer an instant upgrade when you check. Upgrade offers can give you up to 70% discount. For example, instead of paying $69.99 for 10 pieces of Levitra, an instant upgrade will allow you to pay $89 for 20 tablets of Levitra for the same dosage.

TexasChemist Phone Numbers

If you have issues or concerns with your orders, there are four ways to contact Texas Chemist.

Texas Chemist Contact Information

  • You can dial 702 965 3395 and it is open 24/7
  • You can do a live chat and talk to someone via chat. Chat support team is also available 24/7
  • You can shoot them a message via their ‘contact us’ page
  • You can shoot an email to a Texas Chemist supervisor via [email protected]

TexasChemist Spam and Phone Calls

Texas Chemist says that their website is operating legally and safely. To secure their customers’ information, they are using SSL encryption on their website. This also ensures that all confidential information such as email address and phone number are safe from hackers. This information is also not saved in their system for privacy purposes. Marketing by making unwanted calls and sending unnecessary emails are not practiced by Texas Chemist.


For the things that Texas Chemist offers such as affordable generic medicines, easy to use website design, quick delivery, and 24/7 support, we are giving this network of online drugstores a rating of 5. This is indeed one of the best chains of pharmacies online that you can trust if you are in the US.